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#1 REO Management Services

We are ranked #1 in Pinellas County for outstanding service to REO Foreclosure Management Companies. We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed the guidelines and timelines for REO Management Industry.

Eviction/Cash for Keys

Our team understands the process and timeline for working with the eviction department and attorney to get the occupants to an agreement to vacate. We also have a process for the day of eviction/lockout. It is important to get this process down pat in order to move the property along to disposition.

Initial Services

Whether the servicer has their own crew or needs us to coordinate, we get the initial services done and completed in a timely manner in order to get the Broker Price Opinion accomplished so that the Asset Manager can decide on a marketing strategy.

Broker Price Opinion

The Broker Price Opinion is one of the most important aspects of the disposition process in REO Management. The BPO must be done on time and in depth to represent the current fair market value for the Asset Manager. The knowledge to know how to make adjustments and critique market trends is what we do best!

Utility Management/Lien Mitigation

All REO properties either need power and water on in order to determine the extent of condition of the property. This affects value. We are well versed with the utility companies to get this done. Taking care of liens and providing the current financial status of liens is important and a must in getting the property Sold.

Rehab Management

A rehab project may yield the seller a higher value upon disposition, so to get the rehab process done with the seller's goal in mind is not always easy. That's why we are the eyes and ears at the project site with consistent reporting and noting of discrepancies and jobs done well!


Once a marketing strategy is set by the seller, we put it into motion. Knowing the target market and how to market, we get properties sold fast and at the highest price! We have a vast pool of buyers in different marketplaces. Target marketing is the key to selling fast and at top dollar.

Contract and Closings

Getting contracts executed correctly the first time is of the utmost importance to the seller. The details are not overlooked. There is no wasting time with corrections as this delays the entire process. Staying on the buyer and title companies is what we do to ensure that the property goes to close ON TIME! Closed and Funded - favorite words!


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